Supply & Fit Service

The Laundry Industry, in common with many others, is a constant changing industry. Only by having industry-dedicated and experienced technical people in the field, monitoring these changes and plotting the trends, can the company keep abreast of customer requirements and remain at the leading edge of our industry.

At Severnside Fabrics Limited the strength of its technical team is key to its competitiveness. It has long been the company's policy to provide a total service to research, develop, manufacture and should a need arise offer a "Supply and Fit" service to its existing and future client base.

Gap piece prior to deep clean

Before re-cloth

After re-cloth

Experienced, knowledgeable representatives are at your service to recommend various methods of clothing laundry machinery and have the ability to diagnose problems and suggest practical solutions. Complementing them, are an experienced service team ensuring clothing is correctly fitted whether this be Multi-turn or Mono-turn clothing styles.

Lapauw Padding with an area weight of 4000gm/m2, these three products Polyester (T4000TSL), Polyester with a Meta-Aramid cap on the working surface (XT4000TSL), and Polyester with a Meta-Aramid + Teflon cap on the working surface (XTF4000TSL) are exclusively used in the re-clothing of Lapauw Ironers.

Our service fitters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for minimum loss of production to your Laundry.

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